Go Spanish Now Washington DC

Group Description

We are a group of dynamic individuals who get together a few times a month to practice speaking Spanish at restaurants and lounges. Our group is very diverse and loves to have new members.

We are proud to be the third largest Spanish language Meetup group of the world! Wow!!!

Many members ask us about a more methodical way to learn and practice Spanish. If you want to learn fast and in a fun way, we suggest you to visit GO SPANISH NOW: http://www.gospanishnow.com/

Spanish Now is opening 21 new courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced students in DC, MD and VA.

To practice as much as possible, you can visit our YouTube channel!!!! There are amazing videos that can assist you!!! 


If you want to learn a lot of Spanish, visit us at:

GO SPANISH NOW MARYLAND http://www.meetup.com/spanish-md/

GO SPANISH NOW VIRGINIA http://www.meetup.com/spanish-va/


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