DC Metro & Silver Spring French meetup

Group Description

Do you: 

- speak French, - want to improve your French skills, - want to learn French, - want to meet French speakers, - want to learn about the francophone culture? and you live in the DC metro , Silver Spring area? This is group is for you! Join us at the "Silver Spring/DC Metro French Meetup group". All ages and levels welcome.

Est ce que vous:
- parlez Français, - aimeriez améliorer votre français, - aimeriez apprendre la langue française, - aimeriez rencontrez de francophones, - aimeriez apprendre la culture francophone et vous vivez dans la région de DC et de Silver Spring? Ce groupe est pour vous! Devenez membre du "Silver Spring/ DC Metro French Meetup".

We are planning to be meeting in DC and Silver Spring!