Group Description

Our mission is to promote an appreciation of Italian language and culture through social engagement. We help people with a strong interest in Italy connect with one another, both online and in person. Membership is FREE and we're open to all levels of Italian language from zero to native fluency.

We're the original Italian language meetup group in our area, the largest, and still the fastest growing. Tutti possono aderire al nostro gruppo. Se ci aiuti a crescere... cresceremo insieme!

Want to find out more? Check our calendar to see the exact time and location of events and come join us. Read more about our activities using the links on this page.

  • Quattro chiacchiere tra amici: These bi-weekly events offer the opportunity to practiceyour Italian with other very friendly and enthusiastic Italian language speakers in a highly informal and comfortable setting. Our group is at all levels of Italian proficiency from beginning to advanced and we all help each other. Parleremo di tutto e di niente, l'importante stare in compagnia e farsi anche qualche risata.
  • Cineforum italiano: Italian films are a wonderful way to share an Italian cultural experience.
  • Italian Language Lessons: We offer Italian language workshops and lessons every week.
  • Notizia: A collection of some of the articles that have been written about our Italian language group.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: Answers to some of the common questions about our Italian group.
  • Group Rules and Guidelines
  • Favorites: This link takes you to a list of some of our favorite Italian organizations in Washington, DC.
  • And it doesn't stop there! We're always looking for new opportunities to socialize while enjoying Italian language and culture. We participate in guided museum tours, lectures, exhibits, street festivals, concerts, sporting events and cultural events at the Italian embassy and other locations. All the events are selected with the Italian and italophile in mind. You'll see the exact time and location for events once you join our group.